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Posted by Richard McLellan on 03/05/2018

EU meddling again.


With the creation of the GDPR, we do not have the resources to deal with this.

If someone offered then we would stay open.

As your name is on the site, the site is covered by it.

This does affect every VA out there, even if they think it does not.


Posted by Richard McLellan on 17/02/2017

PHPVMS is soon to be upgraded.


I am not sure when this will happen, but it is soon.

Hopefully everything will go well.


There are lots of spammers signing up, and one account even verified itself.

The emaill address has been removed from the site for now.

Hub airports

Posted by Richard McLellan on 13/11/2016

More 'hub' airports are slowly being added for more European destination flights.

This will allow for greater pilot choice.  Not everyone wants to fly out of Gatwick.

Our Fleet

Posted by Richard McLellan on 05/11/2014

Virtual Caledonian Airways Fleet:

Airbus A321-200 x4

Airbus A330-300 x2

Boeing 737-800 x4

Boeing 757-200 x1

Boeing 777-300ER x2

Boeing 787-800 x1

A321-200 and B737-800 current flys domestic and Europe routes. A330-300 flies Eastern routes (mainly Middle East) while B777-300ER and B787-800 flies Western routes (Americas)


Posted by Richard McLellan on 04/09/2014

Welcome to Virtual Caledonian.

This site is a tribute to Caledonian Airways.  The forefather of British Caledonian.

This site is intended for flight simulator use only and not the real world.

As this is a tribute site, we use modern airliners with a modern 'what if' scheme.

Old tin from the 60's, 70's and 80's are allowed providing they are on the system for use.

Aircraft such as the BAC 1-11, Boeing 707-320C et al.

The flights database will grow and we hope that you, as a virtual pilot will fly the routes on a regular basis and add to them for your enjoyment.


All new pilots should contact Virtual Caledonian at googlemail dot com.