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Posted by Richard McLellan on 03/05/2018

EU meddling again.


With the creation of the GDPR, joining this virtual aviation site, you are allowing the software PHPvms and the hosting service to use your IP address and cookies.

This virtual airline does not hold personally identifiable information about you and never will.

The hosting service may hold personally identifiable information such as IP address.

This does affect every VA out there, even if they think it does not.

Hub airports (amended)

Posted by Richard McLellan on 13/11/2016

The only hub airport for now is Glasgow.

All flights shall work on the hub and spoke system.


Posted by Richard McLellan on 04/09/2014

Welcome to Virtual Caledonian.

This site is a tribute to Caledonian Airways.  The forefather of British Caledonian.

This site is intended for flight simulator use only and not the real world.

As this is a tribute site, we use modern airliners with a modern 'what if' scheme.

Old tin from the 60's, 70's and 80's are allowed providing they are on the system for use.

Aircraft such as the BAC 1-11, Boeing 707-320C et al.

The flights database will grow and we hope that you, as a virtual pilot will fly the routes on a regular basis and add to them for your enjoyment.


All new pilots should contact Virtual Caledonian at googlemail dot com.